Wednesday, August 26, 2009


tuesday..waa..each of the day passed by so quickly..well my day starts as usual..woke a bath..dress in school uniform..go to school..arrived at school..go to w my seatmate while waiting for sr.marvin..fil tym..obra..aww..balagtas is sweet..he made a poem for M.A.R..the title os "Kay selya" is a good poem..and oh sr mrvin told a lot of stories about his the future o i think we will appreciate on what he is saying to us about life..and sr marvin is so sweet..he will do anything even after break up..aww..ap..oral com then slogan making..break..and i saw him..because it is their pe time..good thing classmates did not tease me..then cl..rechecking of perio..completion..and explaination of assynment..then ela..recheking of perio and got low grade..i will just study harder..then explaination for the ela week then assigning of directors and starting sept 30 mins of ela time is alloted for preparation for ela week in november..then lunch..we are allowed to eat at the classroom because we are assigning people for the different directors..but i just buy C2 and fries and ate in the canteen with rolllyn,paula,caitlin..after we ate we went upstairs and just kill the time of our lunch in classroom..tle..rechecking of perio..lesson about power and explanation of our project..the mosquito pester..wee..different theories..ahaha:)then bio..sw then lesson about research..the math..lesson about quadratic expression..and joseph and wilson make us laugh about their question then ivan almost slept..t.roda caught him..then we all laugh..then viewing..wipee..we just view the settings and scenes we would like to act..we finished the disc 1 we would watch the other disc some time..dismissal service is not their yet so i find anne and i saw her with krystel and ry..because they are telling roentgen batch last year about their baby shower for anne this september...we just walked and walked if they find a roentgen they told that and they are planning what to do..then we stopped at a side in the preschool room because ry krystel,jerome s and anne are thinking on what to do..then jerome did not let krystel passed because jerome said where is his 19 pesos to krystel..ayiee..ahaha..after jerome stopped and went away krystel and I walked at the cover court..and i saw j always teasing me to my crush even he is playing badminton with r..i just ignored him and walked with krystel..and i told her who is my crush..and i am surprised on what i learned..then we go the gate in the covered court to checked her service..and i saw him..:)..then we go to the cover court and go to the gate again because krystel will tell something to him..:)i just acted normal..ahaha..:)i bid goodbye to krystel because our service is already there..well we buy siomai..i treat ate jae and anne..and we ate it then we buy ate the store at that time..we are waiting for no one and our service is the only service still there..but we still buy..we buy foods with ate jho already..we are so slow to buy..and we are so important..ahaha..they cant left us..and oh i think many teachers saw us..then we go to the service..arrived at home..comp..dinner..comp and finish my ap oral com and started the cl homework that is like a project already then play..then watch tv..then slept around 11 because we had no classes tom because of ncae..him him him:)


well its monday..start of school again..woke up then breakfast then take a bath then
dress in school uniform..then when i am all done..i just wait for my cousins..then off to school..
oh..i remember its flag ceremony..yeah we are late at our flag ceremony...we arrived at school..its already the announcements..nevermind..we line up in our section and we went up in our classroom and i immediately go to my locker and go back to the classroom..our seating arrangement is still the same as first quarter as our ap is after comp..first subject is bio..i am nervous of what is my grade in perio..we checked our perio because sir stopped checking because while he is checking he saw many mistakes so he just stopped and let us checked the perio..wee..i passed the perio but it is a low grade for is george is our sub because he told us t.michelle is proctoring in 4th year..we read and discussed the lesson..our lesson is about subj and verb agreement..then we answer the exercise..yiee paula is happy because is our sub..ahaha..:)then recess as usual i dont eat..then comp..yey i got a high grade in perio then t.dhel discussed data type..and we make a visual the way t.dhel told us that we will not change seating arrangement and partner in grp hands-on..wew..that is like forever..ahahaha..then ap checked perio..relief:)..then sr discuss the oral com then "cheating arrangement" seatmate is dudung..yey..its okay..and i got sources surrounding me so that is why i can connect my wifi..*bad*..then lunch..C2!!!then math checked the perio then t.roda told us to make the reaction then she told my classmate to passed it to me..before bus math i passed it already because it is already complete..then bus math..woi..i got a low grade..i kinda expect it anyways..ahaha..then music rechecked the perio and the lessons this qtr..then fil..checked the perio and post test..then dismissal..when i arrived at home..comp then do may assynmnt in bus math..then dinner,comp,watch tv,take a bath and slept..:)new qtr..i will study a lot harder than what i am used from now on..i want to achieve my goals this i hoped to fullfill it..i will do things that i can do today:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


yey first blog...actually I created this blog long time ago..well i feel like blogging from now on:)
my day goes *okay*..nothing really special though..couz i dont feel like happy today..but i dont
know the's wierd ryt???..back to what i was day started as mom woke me up..i am easy 2 woke up because i just woke up ryt away..i had my breakfast..i had hotdog w rice as my breakfast then take a bath then i dress up my school uniform..and while i am waiting for my cousins..i review my tests and lectures in TLE because i feel when i study in TLE last brain just absorb few things so i just review again today before going to refresh my mind..When my cousins are finish to dress up..we go to school already with there car..yeah it is not traffic..When we arrived at school its tym to fall in line..So I fall in line w my classmates when we are in our room..I study in TLE at the corridor..thank GOD tle is after the break so it means that MATH is the first subject..well part 1 is kinda easy for me..I just took a lot of tym in the cramer's rule..its solutions is long and you should be very careful..then break as usual i ate nothing..I just chit chat with my classmates in the covered court..TLE is the next exam..I scan my ntbk before taking the exam..the test is somewhat average not easy nor hard..MATH part 2 comes next..waa..the problems are hard especially 7 and 8..and 5 too..i am not sure w my answers..Dissmissal time..i did my record in fil..yey..i finished it so and i already passed it so that i willn't think of any requirement i should pass on mon..whew..i am complete in my service are waiting for me so I hurried up..i buy sting and potato*as usual I treat Anne again*..when i arrive at home..i ate my lunch then open the comp..i go OL always..Plurk and fb and ym..sites I always opened..he is ol now..he is always invi..i dont feel chatting him..i dont why..last day of perio..ahaha..wee..the pressure is off..i just wish i passed all my perio..aww..I cant activate my wifi if sir glenn is the proctor..he is strict..*no smileys ahaha*