Wednesday, August 19, 2009


yey first blog...actually I created this blog long time ago..well i feel like blogging from now on:)
my day goes *okay*..nothing really special though..couz i dont feel like happy today..but i dont
know the's wierd ryt???..back to what i was day started as mom woke me up..i am easy 2 woke up because i just woke up ryt away..i had my breakfast..i had hotdog w rice as my breakfast then take a bath then i dress up my school uniform..and while i am waiting for my cousins..i review my tests and lectures in TLE because i feel when i study in TLE last brain just absorb few things so i just review again today before going to refresh my mind..When my cousins are finish to dress up..we go to school already with there car..yeah it is not traffic..When we arrived at school its tym to fall in line..So I fall in line w my classmates when we are in our room..I study in TLE at the corridor..thank GOD tle is after the break so it means that MATH is the first subject..well part 1 is kinda easy for me..I just took a lot of tym in the cramer's rule..its solutions is long and you should be very careful..then break as usual i ate nothing..I just chit chat with my classmates in the covered court..TLE is the next exam..I scan my ntbk before taking the exam..the test is somewhat average not easy nor hard..MATH part 2 comes next..waa..the problems are hard especially 7 and 8..and 5 too..i am not sure w my answers..Dissmissal time..i did my record in fil..yey..i finished it so and i already passed it so that i willn't think of any requirement i should pass on mon..whew..i am complete in my service are waiting for me so I hurried up..i buy sting and potato*as usual I treat Anne again*..when i arrive at home..i ate my lunch then open the comp..i go OL always..Plurk and fb and ym..sites I always opened..he is ol now..he is always invi..i dont feel chatting him..i dont why..last day of perio..ahaha..wee..the pressure is off..i just wish i passed all my perio..aww..I cant activate my wifi if sir glenn is the proctor..he is strict..*no smileys ahaha*

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